3 Ways Performance Health Can Support Your PT Career

3 Ways Performance Health Can Support Your PT Career

3 Ways Performance Health Can Support Your PT Career

Key Takeaways

  • Strengthening the physical therapy community and raising public awareness can help create better patient outcomes
  • APTA builds a community that advances the profession of physical therapy to help improve the health of patients everywhere
  • Partnering with APTA, Performance Health exists to support patient recovery and provide evidence-based solutions for clinicians to use
  • Adding value so you can focus on your business, Performance Health strives for frictionless ordering with reliable delivery to point of care

Beyond helping their patients in a post-surgical or injury rehab program, physical therapists are active within their communities - helping educate others on how to combat pain and improve their health. Contributing to advocacy efforts, APTA also provides valuable information regarding state licensure rules and regulations of telehealth. The demands of clinical practice extend far beyond patient care. At home physical therapy grew largely during the pandemic, meeting the needs of those who didn't feel safe or weren't able to leave their homes. Home-health also helps to eliminate transportation issues, as often patients can't drive themselves to their appointments.

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Helping you thrive and advance your physical therapy career, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has the resources to support your practice, from licensure, to documentation, to payment. As a trusted partner of APTA, Performance Health can help deliver the products you need for better patient outcomes.

How Does APTA Advocate for the Profession?

APTA is involved with many coalitions for the good of the profession. The association often works with other mutually beneficial organizations on legislation and regulations for the betterment of the health care system, the physical therapy profession, and the patients you serve. Through lobbying, grassroots efforts, and regulatory advocacy, APTA shapes policy on the issues that impact physical therapy.

To help promote public awareness, APTA has a partnership program that allows organizations to collaborate and provide resources to support the physical therapy community. Performance Health is proud to partner with APTA and help serve physical therapists and patients alike. Learn more about how Performance Health can help support you and your patients!

3 Ways Performance Health Can Support You

Like the APTA, Performance Health is dedicated to supporting physical therapists. Our aim is to be the logical choice for rehabilitation and recovery providers and patients. We have a mission critical mind-set in that we exist to support patient recovery by providing solutions for clinicians to use that will enable positive patient outcomes and lower the chances of a costly readmission. At Performance Health, our aim is to help find the easiest and most efficient way for you to place your orders with us.

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Performance Preferred

Helping you find in-stock products to support your patient’s rehabilitation program, our focused portfolio of Performance Preferred products are readily available and can be shipped directly to point of care. From resistance bands to clinical equipment for balance and strength, Performance Preferred can help provide the tools you need to better improve patient progress and compliance in the clinic or at home.



Supply List

You can also select and store your favorite products for quick ordering and standardization. The supply list keeps track of products that you frequently order. You can use the list to reorder supplies (using the add to cart button) or create a list to share with other colleagues and even your patients or their caregivers! Learn more about the supply list drawer.

Performance Health Academy

Like APTA, we provide articles and evidence-based resources to help you in your daily practice. We provide a rich library of 780 clinical research papers focused on rehabilitation and recovery. Catch up on the latest research, exercises, trends and techniques within physical therapy.

About APTA

APTA advocates for positive change, raises public awareness, advances evidence-based practice, supports the continued growth of our members, and develops the next generation. The association supports up to 100,000 PTs, PTAs, and students. For wherever you are in your physical therapy career journey, APTA is here to help you thrive.

Performance Health is proud to be a strategic business partner and support the APTA. To help you throughout your career as a PT or PTA, learn more about APTA here.

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