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Articles by Anneke Wind

man stretching with THERABAND
November 22, 2023

THERABAND® Proven to Last Five Times Longer Than Another Leading Resistance Band

THERABAND® has always been considered the industry leader for resistance bands, and they now have the testing to prove it. After extensive third-party testing, THERABAND non-latex resistance bands have been proven to last more than five times longer than the next leading competitor, and the Trusted Progression System® has proven to have consistent pull force.

E-Stim unit calibration
August 24, 2023

Why Annual Equipment Calibration is So Important

It’s important to ensure your medical equipment is in full working order and maintained through regular medical device testing and calibration. With accurate measurements, medical professionals can better diagnose diseases, monitor patients, and deliver treatments. Learn more about equipment calibration and how Performance Health can help in this article!

woman with kinesiology tape on shoulder
June 12, 2023

Recovery Services: What They Are & What You Need to Get Started

Recovery services are common practice in sports medicine, and now they’re making their way into the physical therapy industry. They’re a great way to expand your practice and better support your patients – plus, they offer financial benefits for your clinic. Read more to learn about how you can integrate recovery services into your clinic!

patient on treatment table
May 31, 2023

Your Guide to Selecting Treatment Tables for Your Clinic

Whether you’re starting a new clinic, expanding with de novo locations, or upgrading your current facility, it's helpful to know what to look for when purchasing treatment furniture. There’s a lot out there – how do you choose the right options for your practice? For those who may feel overwhelmed, don’t worry – we've put together a guide for selecting the right treatment furniture for you.