Your Guide to Selecting Treatment Tables for Your Clinic

Your Guide to Selecting Treatment Tables for Your Clinic

Your Guide to Selecting Treatment Tables for Your Clinic

Whether you’re starting a new clinic, expanding with de novo locations, or upgrading your current facility, it's helpful to know what to look for when purchasing treatment furniture. There’s a lot out there – how do you choose the right options for your practice?

For those who may feel overwhelmed, don’t worry – we've put together a guide for selecting the right treatment furniture for you, in partnership with treatment furniture experts at PHS Medical. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to consider for choosing the best treatment furniture for your clinic.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider the needs of your patients and your clinic when selecting treatment tables.

  • Durability, ease of use, and storage capacity are important factors to consider when selecting a treatment table.

  • Customizing treatment tables gives your clinic a more cohesive look.

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Key Factors When Choosing Your Treatment Table


Given the heavy usage treatment therapy tables endure daily, it’s important to have sturdy, durable tables that can withstand heavy wear and tear. Tables made with metal or wood are generally reliable choices when it comes to strong construction and durability. Remember to consider patient load as well – it may be beneficial to invest in a bariatric treatment table, which are built to withstand a heavier patient load.

To prevent tipping or wobbling, we recommend tables with six-leg or H-Brace construction. These configurations reinforce the bottom frame and keep the table steady when in use.

Because treatment tables are a larger investment, it may also be beneficial to consider a table with a warranty in place. PHS Medical treatment tables have the longest warranties on the market, so if anything happens to a PHS Medical table, the fix could potentially be covered by their warranty (find details here).

Ease of Use

When selecting a treatment table, considering its ease of use is also important. Tables that can adjust and move smoothly are ideal, since clunky mechanisms can be distracting for your patients. Tables with smooth adjustable lift backs are great for positioning patients – we recommend the Classic Wood Treatment Table from PHS Medical.

Depending on your needs, you can also choose between adjustable or fixed height tables. Adjustable tables are great for accommodating patients with limited mobility who may find it difficult to get onto a treatment table; otherwise, tables with a fixed height are suitable.

Lastly, consider whether your treatment table needs to be mobile or stationary. If you tend to move your tables around, opt for a table with quality casters (we recommend the Thera-P Electric Treatment Tables) for easy mobility. If you have no need to move your treatment tables, a stationary table like the Classic Wood Treatment Table mentioned above will be a good choice for you.


Tables that are easy to clean and sanitize are ideal for any clinic. When searching for a treatment table, make sure the upholstery is an easy-to-clean vinyl that won’t wear easily.

While it’s great to have durable, low-maintenance treatment furniture, there’s always a chance you’ll need repairs. At Performance Health, we offer repairs and regular maintenance services through our Equipment Solutions Team, with certified technicians that specialize in rehab equipment repairs and annual inspections and calibration.

Storage Capacity

If you have storage constraints or need to have the essentials nearby, it’s helpful to have tables with storage to keep your rehab supplies close at hand. Choose from a variety of storage configurations, from open shelves to pull-out drawers. See below for some tables we recommend that feature storage spaces.

Bonus: Appearance

While appearance may not be the most important part of selecting your treatment table, it can help give your clinic a more cohesive, professional look. Choose between metal or wood frames, different colors of vinyl upholstery, or get your treatment tables branded with your clinic’s logo!

If you have a specific look in mind, we recommend looking into PHS Medical’s customization options for your tables. For wood tables, you can choose between two types of wood and then select your preferred lacquer or stain color. For metal tables, you have 15 standard frame color options. And whether you choose wood or metal tables, there are 14 choices for upholstery color!

If you’re looking for a more customized look, consider putting logo branding on your treatment tables. PHS Medical offers branded logo slip covers, debossing, and color edge printing services to give your space an extra professional look.


Logo Slip Covers

Logo Slip Covers





Color Edge Printing

Color Edge Printing

How to Order

If you’re starting a new clinic or just upgrading your current one, our full equipment solutions team is available to help you coordinate equipment delivery and installation when you order through Performance Health. Simply request a quote to get started, and our team will reach out to you within 48 hours and walk you through the process.


When selecting treatment tables for your clinic, make sure the table meets both your needs and your patients’ needs. Consider the size of your clinic and how many patients you see on a daily basis, as well as the durability, ease of use, and storage capacity of the tables. By keeping these ideas in mind, you’ll be off to a great start when equipping your clinic!

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