April Clinician of the Month: Matt Huey PT, MPT, Dip MDT, FAAOMPT

April Clinician of the Month: Matt Huey PT, MPT, Dip MDT, FAAOMPT

April Clinician of the Month: Matt Huey PT, MPT, Dip MDT, FAAOMPT

Performance Health is proud to recognize clinicians who provide exceptional patient care by spotlighting them as our Clinician of the Month. We are happy to announce our April Clinician of the month is Matt Huey, PT, MPT, Dip. MDT, FAAOMPT.

Matt Huey is a physical therapist at Strong and Healthy Rehab based in Coppel, Texas, and has been a practicing PT for 12 years. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Mississippi in 2007 and his Master of Physical Therapy in 2010 from California State University, Northridge.

Read below to learn more about how he came to choose physical therapy, his advice for aspiring PTs, and more!

Matt Huey, PT, MPT, Dip. MDT, FAAOMPT 

Headshot of Matt Huey, Performance Health's April 2022 Clinician of the Month


What was it that made you want to get into the profession? 

I always thought it was amazing how people could get stronger or overcome an injury to return to doing things. I wanted to do that, to help people live a better life. I had two people who really helped me. The first was my athletic trainer in high school. I dealt with injuries, and he was always there helping me get back to the field. Then when I went to college, I had an amazing athletic trainer who taught me some methods and principles that made me much stronger and flexible. He suggested PT and I went for it.

Do you have any specializations? What made you get these specializations and how do they help your patients?  

I am a Diplomat in MDT and a Fellow of the AAOMPT. I wanted to have a deeper understanding of how to treat people with precise interventions and no fluff.  

How does your career as a physical therapist extend beyond your daytime job?   

I work with the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and the Texas Physical Therapy Association (TPTA) to help the profession, and I often give talks to organizations and groups about health in general. I also work with powerlifters as a judge for meets.   

What is your advice to someone entering their career as a physical therapist?   

It's a mentally tough profession. People who come to you will lash out because they are in pain or do not understand the things that you're doing to help them. People will think what we do is easy and it's a waste of time. People will attack you for what you do, saying you do not know what you're doing or use you as a scapegoat. You will carry a large burden at times when a patient wants to achieve something you know they may not be able to achieve. You feel for each patient that comes in and you cannot let everything overwhelm you because that next patient needs you.    

How has the profession changed since you started? Where do you see it going from here?

More people are breaking away from the traditional model and helping treat the overall patient. They are not being limited by insurance companies but instead focus on what patients need. From here, I think there is a crossroads because, paired with the increasing costs of school, it's going to trap people working for corporations and keep them from chasing their full potential.    

What new products/technologies/techniques are you using or excited about?

Motion capture devices and the H-wave are great. There has been a big push to really get people stronger. To use heavier resistance training in therapy. Approaches now are looking at the whole body rather than individual issues.    

What are your top 5 must have items as a clinician?

  1. Barbell
  2. Kettlebell
  3. Table
  4. Open space
  5. Computer

How does Performance Health help you and your patients?      

Trust. Performance Health has great equipment that I trust over and over again – I trust that the equipment is the same for each person and that it's the same thing I would use for myself. I also have had equipment break in the past and it was replaced quickly along with someone reaching out to find out what happened to ensure even better quality in the future.  

What is your favorite Performance Health Product?     

CLX bands. They are so versatile. I can use them for nearly anything I can think of. They are portable and durable. Patients love the app as well so they can continue using the bands at home. I really love how they have a handle or can be used without gripping. Patients often complained about just a piece of band that did not have a handle or the loop we made came loose. With CLX, the handle is right there. Or if a patient has a hand injury, or maybe we want to change the focus, we do not have to use the handle but can instead fashion it in a different way. The possibilities are endless.  

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