Forbes Article Calls SPINEFITTER a “Piece of Modern Art”

Forbes Article Calls SPINEFITTER a “Piece of Modern Art”

Forbes Article Calls SPINEFITTER a “Piece of Modern Art”

A recent Forbes article included the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® in a list of exercise equipment that looks like art. The article highlights a trend of intersecting fitness with aesthetics, calling out the “latest fitness equipment that is making a bold statement when it comes to integration of art, lifestyle, and well-being.”

Key Takeaways

  • SPINEFITTER is an innovative new tool to help with neck, shoulder, and back pain

  • Its accessories can enhance the user’s experience

  • Forbes article acknowledges the aesthetics of the SPINEFITTER

SPINEFITTER’s Launch into the Market

SPINEFITTER has proven itself to be an innovative new tool that can be used to alleviate neck, shoulder, and back pain. Comprised of 28 interlocking balls, its unique design targets muscles along the entire spine to relieve tension.

Additionally, accessories can be combined with the SPINEFITTER to enhance the user’s experience. The extension kit can lengthen the tool for taller users, and the SPINEFITTER Mini included in the kit can be used independently. The Linum and Linum Pro covers allow the SPINEFITTER to be combined with hot and cold therapy to further its capabilities. And the trigger tool can specifically target tension in the muscles along the spine to obtain relief.

Overall, this aid can be used in manual therapy and activities like yoga and Pilates to improve mobility and relieve pain that accumulates throughout daily life.

Watch the SPINEFITTER introduction video:


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Recap of the Forbes Article

Forbes took an interest in the SPINEFITTER not only for its usefulness as a piece of exercise equipment, but also for its aesthetic appeal. Writer, Julie Loffredi noted that the tool looks like it could come “straight from the MOMA gift shop.”

In the article, the SPINEFITTER is set alongside other aesthetically pleasing pieces of equipment like full modern workout sets and a sleek chair that can be converted into a workout apparatus ideal for small apartments. The inclusion of the SPINEFITTER shows it to be not just a tool to assist with alleviating daily discomfort, but its potential to become a centerpiece of your clinic or home. Read the full article here.


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