How Performance Health Supports Therapists Beyond Borders

How Performance Health Supports Therapists Beyond Borders

How Performance Health Supports Therapists Beyond Borders

Key Takeaways

  • Therapists Beyond Borders help empower communities that care for individuals with special needs
  • Therapy professional, families, and caregivers, co-design training to create sustainable programs
  • Performance Health is now a proud sponsor of Therapists Beyond Borders and supports this non-profit in a variety of ways

What Is Therapists Beyond Borders?

An international non-profit organization comprised of compassionate physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists. They empower communities that care for individuals with special needs around the world through training programs, so individuals of all abilities are empowered to reach their own unique potential.

What Do They Do?

These volunteers provide training to communities around the world to co-design ethical therapy programs that maximize the volunteers’ long-term impact. It is key for communities to display their own goals of growth and sustainability, as well as compassion and commitment to those in their care.1

Why Was TBB Created?

The World Health Organization (WHO) states, “In many parts of the world…the capacity to provide rehabilitation is limited or non-existent and fails to adequately address the needs of the population. The magnitude and scope of these unmet needs signals and urgent need for concerted and coordinated global action.”2

Therapists Beyond Borders Strategy

To develop educational training modules with therapy professionals, families, and caregivers that can be sustained locally and then scaled to other communities.


Starting in Kenya

Co-development of cirriculum and training modules for enhanced therapeutic care in pilot country


Scaling to the World

Scale modules to new communities - both internationally to other countries and back to USA for domestic families and communities in need


Video: More About Therapists Beyond Borders

What is Performance Health’s Role in Supporting TBB?

Performance Health started partnering with Therapists Beyond Borders in June 2021 by promoting their 2nd Annual Global 5K Run. Being a global company ourselves, we held a fundraiser and virtual 5k run throughout our company to help raise money for the non-profit organization. The money raised goes towards their mission of fostering self-sustaining, locally run therapy education programs that build community capacity to provide skillful care for their most vulnerable members. 

We have also been able to donate a variety of different therapy products to help with their efforts to build therapy programs throughout the world. Next, we are looking to co-develop a clinician course to enhance education and therapeutic skill growth.


To learn more about Therapists Beyond Borders and how they can help provide therapy services to communities in need, check out this article!

Join Performance Health in supporting Therapists Beyond Borders. Performance Health is matching donations up to $25k.

Shop our silent auction!

Check out the Performance Health Virtual Silent Auction benefitting Therapists Beyond Borders. The auction closes at 12:00 PM CDT on December 22, 2021. From all of us at Performance Health, thank you for your support!


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