How to Enjoy Spa Pampering at Home

How to Enjoy Spa Pampering at Home

How to Enjoy Spa Pampering at Home

What is Self-Care?

Maybe you’ve heard this buzzword and wondered what exactly it means. Self-Care is any activity that you enjoy doing that improves your emotional and mental health. For some people, it may be pampering, like spa treatments. Others may have fun with crafts or puzzles, read books, go out to lunch with friends, or start a new hobby, and still others may use exercise as self-care. There’s no right or wrong option, it’s all about what you like best.

The point is that these activities are not obligations, and you’re not doing them for any outcome other than caring for yourself (anything else is, of course, a wonderful bonus!). Because life is busier than ever, it’s important to set aside time for the self-care activities of your choice so you can recharge from the daily stressors of life.

Glorifying busyness won’t get us anywhere, except perhaps literally sick and tired. So, ask yourself, how can you schedule self-care into your life and what practices or activities bring you joy? And if it’s spa treatments, read on to find out how you can take pleasure in the same luxuries at home for less.

How to Get the Best Parts of a Spa at Home

Manicures and Pedicures

If your favorite part of a relaxing spa day is getting your nails done, why not do them at home? You can start with a paraffin wax treatment that warms and moisturizes your hands. Paraffin gloves are an affordable, less messy alternative to a paraffin bath. They’re super convenient to heat up in the microwave. Once your hands are silky smooth, use a nail clipper to cut them and then file them into shape.

Use nail polish remover to take off any existing nail color, then wash your hands. Now’s the time to apply hand lotion if you want. On to the fun part, apply a base coat, two coats of your chosen color, and a top coat to seal the color and give it a shine. Make sure to let the polish dry between coats, you can watch a movie or listen to music while waiting.

Hoping to pamper your feet? Use a foot smoother to buff away any dry, dead skin. Then you can luxuriate in the same tools but for your toes, like paraffin booties, toenail clippers, a nail file, body lotion, and nail polish.


Do you enjoy a nice massage? Use a massage creme, lotion, or gel to enhance the experience. It reduces friction, keeping your hands from getting fatigued so you can have a longer, pleasurable massage, whether you’re giving one to yourself or receiving one from someone else. Use a pulsing body massager for added tension release during a gentle or deep tissue massage. Let your worries fade away as your muscles loosen. Dim lights, soothing music, and candles can also help create a relaxing ambience.


If relaxation is your end goal, bring the scents of the spa into your home using lavender oil. This essential oil is calming and can be added to any diffuser or to your massage creme. It also helps combat insomnia. In today’s world, sleep can be the greatest act of self-care. In addition to lavender oil, the right memory foam pillow can help you fall asleep, in case what you’re really after is a nap, after you enjoy your at home spa day.

Other ideas: try a new face mask (cucumber slices optional) or soak in a bubble bath. Take a moment for yourself. Try sitting still and practicing deep breathing. Heat up a Therapearl eye mask and let your body relax. Spa days are a great self-care activity whether you’re enjoying some alone time or spending time hanging out with friends.

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