Introducing the Rolyan Smart Splint Bath: Key Benefits

Introducing the Rolyan Smart Splint Bath: Key Benefits

Introducing the Rolyan Smart Splint Bath: Key Benefits

The Rolyan Smart Splint Bath is the newest innovation to how you perform splinting and has key benefits that no other splint pan on the market offers.

While there are many benefits to using the Rolyan Smart Splint Bath, here are three industry-leading benefits we want to highlight.

  1. Infection Prevention
  2. Pre-Programmed Settings
  3. Helpful Design Features

Infection Prevention

The Rolyan Smart Splint Bath kills 99.99% of microbes. That means less worrying about when to change the water or if the water really is clean. This ensures that the water is clean for every patient and reduces the risk of cross contamination between patients.

You also don’t need to worry about having enough time to change the water and reheat it between patients. Now you only need to change the water as needed (or once a month).

How to Ensure Your Splint Bath Water is Clean

  1. Fill your Smart Splint Bath
  2. Allow the UV light to effectively sterilize the water while the device is on
    • Convection heat cycles the water every two minutes, so water passes through a UV light for constant sterilization throughout the day. This reduces the risk of cross contamination between patients.
  3. Run a sanitation cycle for an extra level of sterilization
    • The high heat sanitation mode heats the water to 185 degrees for 7 minutes, providing an effective sterilization
    • The sanitation cycle can be pre-programmed to automatically run at any time that is convenient with your schedule, even when the clinic is closed. It will "wake", run one cycle, then go back into "sleep" mode.
  4. Run another sanitation cycle during the day as needed
    • It takes just 7 minutes to run, plus cool down time
  5. When needed, change the water

sanitation cycleuv water sterilization cycle

Pre-Programmed Settings

How do you currently decide when your splint material is ready for fabrication? Do you poke it with the turner until it seems “done”?

Every thermoplastic has a temperature and time at which it performs best, but in a busy clinic you don’t usually have time to look up each material’s individual setting.

The Rolyan Smart Splint Bath helps you get the best performance out of all of your thermoplastic materials with pre-programmed settings for all of your Rolyan splinting material. So you can focus on splint fabrication and spending time with your patients.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Select your material and material thickness
  2. Place the thermoplastic in the water and press the play icon
  3. When the timer beeps, remove the thermoplastic from the water - it’s ready for fabrication


Just Choose the Pre-Programmed Material and Thickness

splinting materialsplinting material

  • Polyform
  • Kay-Splint II
  • Polyflex II
  • Orthoplast II
  • CuraDrape
  • Aquaplast ProDrape-T
  • TailorSplint
  • Kay-Splint III
  • Aquaplast Original/Aquaplast-T Watercolors/Aquaplast-T
  • Ezeform
  • Aquaplast Original Resilient/Aquaplast Resilient-T
  • Synergy
  • San-Splint
  • 1/16”
  • 3/32”
  • 1/8”
  • 3/16”

You can even set up your own pre-set.

Helpful Design Features

The Rolyan Smart Splint Bath has a variety of other features designed to make splint fabrication easier:

Auto On/Off and Quick Heat Up Time

It heats up in just 12 minutes. You can even set a time for the splint bath to heat up, so it’s ready to go as soon as you get into the office.

Quick and Simple to Empty

When you’re ready to empty the splint bath and change the water, it isn’t a lengthy process. The Rolyan Smart Splint Bath empties quickly - in just 4 minutes - thanks to the pump system and drain hose.

Transparent Lid

A transparent lid allows you to see the thermoplastic material without opening the lid. And even if you open the lid, the Smart Splint Bath ensures accurate temperature +/- 2°F. Due to the unique design of the lid, it folds in half, the unit can be stored under most overhead cabinets without interference.

splint bath

Hidden Tray

Plus, it even has a hidden tray to hold your splinting scissors.

aerobic fitness

Make the smart choice for your patients, choose the Rolyan Smart Splint Bath!

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