Why It's Time to Update the Splint Bath in Your Clinic

Why It's Time to Update the Splint Bath in Your Clinic

Why It's Time to Update the Splint Bath in Your Clinic

Do you still have a traditional splint pain that looks like this?

smart splint bath

It might be time to upgrade your traditional bath to the Rolyan Smart Splint Bath and here’s why!

innovative rolyan smart splint bath

7 Drawbacks to Traditional Splint Pans

  1. It’s difficult to ensure the unit's cleanliness between patients.
  2. The temperature may not be accurate and the pan may have “hot spots”.
  3. You can’t rely on a set time to heat the thermoplastic material and must instead watch it and poke it until it’s “done”.
  4. Changing the water is a messy, time consuming process that must be done once a week.
  5. The pan takes a long time to heat the water, 40-60 minutes, which means you need to be in the clinic over an hour before your first patient arrives.
  6. The lid can’t be left open or the pan will quickly lose heat.
  7. The splint pan’s design looks old fashioned and its material leaves it vulnerable to corrosion.

7 Benefits to the Rolyan Smart Splint Bath

rolyan smart splint bath

  1. The water cycles over a UV light every 2 minutes for constant sterilization and has a high heat Sanitation Cycle to prevent patient cross contamination and helps with infection prevention. Together, these features offer a 99.99% kill rate of microbes.
  2. A circulating pump ensures all of the water in the bath stays at one consistent temperature. There is also a water level sensor that turns the splint bath off when the water level is too low.
  3. Pre-programmed settings make it easy to heat your material. Just choose the material and the thickness on the touchscreen, place your thermoplastic in the bath, and wait for the beep. The perfect settings for every Rolyan thermoplastic means a better splinting fabrication experience for you and your patient.
  4. Changing the water takes as little as 4 minutes using the pump/valve system and drain hose. Plus the sanitization feature means you might only need to change the water once a month!
  5. Set a time for your splint bath to begin the high heat sanitation mode when the clinic is closed. The auto on and off settings allows you to walk into the clinic with the splint bath ready to go for your first patient.
  6. The lid has a unique bi-fold and transparent design. The transparency allows you to see your thermoplastic as it heats. You can even leave the lid open if you prefer, the water cycle ensures an accurate temperature (+/- 2°F). The bi-fold design of the lid allows it to be stored under most overhead cabinets without interference.
  7. From the touchscreen to the hidden storage tray, this innovative splint bath isn’t just loaded with features, it looks good too! The polymer pan basin eliminates corrosion.

splint bath

The Rolyan Smart Splint Bath makes splinting easier for you. Save time and reduce frustration, so you can focus on what really matters, your patients!

Want to learn more about the features that make this Smart Splint Bath the best choice for your clinic? Read this article, Introducing the Rolyan Smart Splint Bath: Key Benefits.

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