A New Tool for Outpatient Rehab: TheraBand VECTOR

A New Tool for Outpatient Rehab: TheraBand VECTOR

A New Tool for Outpatient Rehab: TheraBand VECTOR

Elastic resistance bands are often used for physical therapy. Whether it’s after a stroke, a cardiac event, an injury, or another condition that requires rehabilitation, TheraBand resistance bands have been the band of choice for many clinicians and patients. But now there’s a new tool for outpatient rehab, the TheraBand VECTOR!

Traditional Resistance Bands

theraband resistance bands

Traditional resistance bands have been a great choice for rehab because they:

  1. Available in multiple resistance levels
  2. Allow the same equipment to be used in therapy and at home
  3. Offer a low-cost, space-saving alternative to free weights

But standard resistance bands also have drawbacks when used in outpatient settings:

  1. It can be time consuming to clean the bands between patients
  2. Current resistances are ideal for immediate rehab after injury or surgery and for elderly users, but the highest level resistance band only offers 21.3 pounds of resistance at 200% elongation; they aren’t perfect for elite athletes at the tailend of their rehab
  3. They aren’t designed for use in multi-vector exercises

40 years ago, TheraBand invented and spearheaded the use of traditional elastic resistance products.

Now we have a new product for outpatient rehab, the TheraBand VECTOR !

3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to the TheraBand VECTOR

  1. Easy Dial-In Resistance
    • The TheraBand VECTOR unit uses TheraBand tubing designed with Kevlar string to reduce snap-back risk
    • TheraBand VECTOR allows many possible configurations, but the basic options offer resistance from 10 to 110 pounds
    • Just twist the dial to engage the different tubing discs and change the resistance
    • This makes the TheraBand VECTOR the perfect tool for outpatient rehabilitation and conditioning for a variety of patients from the elderly to elite athletes
  2. Easy to Sanitize
    • The hard plastic outer casing of the TheraBand VECTOR makes the device easy to clean
    • You just need to wipe one device that can be used by multiple people simplifying sanitizing compared to cleaning multiple traditional resistance bands
  3. Multivector Exercises
    • The TheraBand VECTOR is designed for use with single and multi-vector exercises
    • It’s ideal for traditional strengthening exercises and sport-specific exercises
    • Gain access to a library of exercises by downloading the TheraBand VECTOR app on the Apple App Store or Google Play
    • The universal attachment system makes it easy to attach to any anchor and makes it simple to swap accessories (loop handle, thigh strap, or torso strap)

Strengthening Exercises

Sport-Specific Exercises

What Should I Do With My Existing Resistance Bands?

If you choose to use the TheraBand VECTOR in your clinic, there are still uses for your existing resistance band supply.

TheraBand products, like the TheraBand CLX , can be used along with the TheraBand VECTOR for exercises like the 90-Degree External Rotation shown in the video below.

The resistance bands are also a great option for your patients to use at home. Whether you cut bulk bands or use individual bands, resistance bands allow your patients to continue to do their prescribed exercises at home; so they’re ready for more TheraBand VECTOR exercises on their next visit.

Still prefer traditional resistance bands? Learn about your TheraBand Resistance Band options and get the answers to frequently asked questions .

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