New at Performance Health: Enovis by Chattanooga Introduces Intelect Legend 2 and Transport 2

New at Performance Health: Enovis by Chattanooga Introduces Intelect Legend 2 and Transport 2

New at Performance Health: Enovis by Chattanooga Introduces Intelect Legend 2 and Transport 2

From the innovation-driven medical technology company, Enovis by Chattanooga, the latest improvements to electrotherapy are now available at Performance Health. The Intelect® Legend 2 and Intelect® Transport 2 are the recent iterations of the trusted electrotherapy devices health practitioners are looking to add to their clinics. Better than ever, these two devices provide improved therapeutic outcomes for the patient while acting as an efficient tool to supplement your clinic.

Key Takeaways

  • Enovis by Chattanooga has released Intelect® Legend 2 and Intelect® Transport 2, their latest devices for electrotherapy treatment.

  • Electrotherapy continues to be a standard of care that is proven beneficial for the patient, clinician, and clinic overall.

  • Chattanooga Proprietary Waveform technology has an alternating frequency pattern, which helps with improving patient therapeutic outcomes.

  • Intelect® Legend 2 offers two or four-channel combo electrotherapy and ultrasound system.

  • Intelect® Transport 2 offers two-channel combo or ultrasound only.

Electrotherapy: Innovative Clinical Technology

The field of electrotherapy continues to develop into one of the most widely used tools amongst recovery-focused clinicians. As wave technology becomes more refined, there are more possibilities available to both the patient and clinician. Using waveform electrotherapy helps alleviate pain, prevent disuse atrophy, and increase local circulation in the patient’s muscles. These three benefits are drivers in rehabilitation and recovery, allowing the patient to get back to their daily activities sooner.

“Electrotherapy has been a standard of care in professional healthcare environments around the country for 75 years. As a leader in this space, Enovis Recovery Sciences is committed to providing innovative, high-quality, and safe products to meet the needs of our customers,” said Guy Guglielmino, President of Enovis Recovery Sciences. “Legend 2 and Transport 2 were designed to provide a better experience for patients, more intuitive and accurate treatment options for clinicians and a greater ROI for clinics.”

Chattanooga Proprietary Waveform

Utilizing Chattanooga’s proprietary waveform VMS, Intelect® Legend 2 and Intelect® Transport 2, patients can experience improved therapeutic outcomes. Powered by the industry’s most advanced patient care technology, VMS waveform uses alternating frequency patterns to switch between different waveforms. Varying the waveform helps provide greater muscle contractions while causing less discomfort to the patient and reducing neural fatigue. For safety purposes, all electrotherapies must be administered by a professional.

Legend 2

If you’re looking to enhance your practice both in quality of treatment options and efficiency, look no further than the Intelect® Legend 2. It comes with a two or four-channel combo electrotherapy and ultrasound system. The Intelect® Legend 2 is the next generation of intuitive user interface design by Enovis, created with the clinician in mind. Save customized electrotherapy protocols as a shortcut key, delivering treatment with just two button presses. This premium electrotherapy/ultrasound setup will save you time as a clinician while improving patient care.

Transport 2

Portable and ergonomic, the Intelect® Transport 2 is perfect for busy clinical settings – no matter what that looks like to you. Choose between the two-channel electrotherapy or ultrasound. For electrotherapy, there are five waveform options: Interferential, Premod, Russian, High Volt, and VMS. The ultrasound operates at a frequency of one or three MHz, and the option is for pulse or continuous duty cycles. Embrace sophisticated technology with an intuitive interface that is displayed on the large, in-color, high-resolution LCD screen. Its compact nature makes it easy to take with you anywhere.


Enovis is an industry leader in electrotherapy innovation. Intelect® Legend 2 and Intelect® Transport 2 are the two most recent in the Enovis by Chattanooga line of wave therapy devices. Both devices utilize VMS, a proprietary waveform from Chattanooga that offers an alternative frequency pattern, ideal for recovery, and offers ultrasound. Intelect® Legend 2 boasts two or four channel combo electrotherapy and ultrasound with an intuitive interface, and 12 electrotherapy waveform options. Intelect® Transport 2 has a 2-channel combo or ultrasound only option, making it more compact and ergonomic. At Performance Health, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best products currently available to assist in providing excellent care to your patients.

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