Performance Health Unwrapped: What Did We Do in 2021?

Performance Health Unwrapped: What Did We Do in 2021?

Performance Health Unwrapped: What Did We Do in 2021?

2021 Highlights

  • We announced the official launch of our NEW digital catalog - browse our Performance Health branded products now!
  • We also launched our Live Chat web feature – providing real–time help from one of our support agents
  • We continued to deliver our top recommended, in-stock products – Performance Preferred – to help you feel good and perform your best
  • New products, new articles, and new web enhancements - learn more about what Performance Health achieved during the year 2021!

Top Products in This Article


Throughout 2021, the world’s focus was still on COVID-19. But at Performance Health, our focus was on you - our customers. We have a mission critical mind-set in that we exist to support patient recovery by providing solutions for clinicians to use that will enable positive patient outcomes and lower the chances of a costly readmission. And our team consists of those who share and live our values every day. In 2021, we had a total of 1,633 global employees, representing 8 different countries with 364 new hires (327 in the US alone).

Take a look at what we were up to in 2021!

Top 3 Products

Helping patients effectively recover from surgery or injury and increase their independence at home, check out our most popular products in 2021!

1. Sammons Preston Reachers

Looking for a tool to help you grab items out of reach? Sammons Preston Reachers feature a textured handle that is easy to hold for users with weak hand dexterity or grip. Simply apply light to moderate pressure on the trigger to clamp the serrated jaw down on an object. The reacher also has a magnetic tip at the end for picking up small metal objects.

2. Sock and Stocking Aid with Built-Up Foam Handles

To maintain independence while getting dressed, the Sock and Stocking Aid with Built-Up Foam Handles help increase grip for those pulling on a sock or stocking. Ideal for users recovering from a back, knee, or hip replacement surgery, the dressing aid is comprised of a flexible contoured plastic shell attached to built-up foam handles of various lengths. For use, simply place the sock or stocking over the plastic trough, insert the foot, and pull the cord’s foam handles straight back to bring the sock over the heel and up the leg.


3. Custom Touch 2 Moist Electric Heat Pad

Providing deep penetrating moist heat therapy, the Custom-Touch Moist Heat Electric Therapy Pad offers twice the benefits of a traditional heating pad! The soft fabric draws moisture from humidity in the air to help reduce acute or chronic pain in small joints, such as the neck, knees, elbows, or jaw. The hook and loop straps securely hold the electric heating pad in place. The handheld switch turns the pad on or off and helps maintain the highest temperature that is permitted safe.

Top 3 NEW Products

We added several new products to our portfolio, here's a look at our top three!

1. Lumin Wand

Unlike other wands on the market, Lumin Wand delivers over 100 mJ/cm2of UVC irradiance output in under 5 seconds, enough to kill up to 99.9% of tested microbes. This product is lab tested to remove over 99.9% of E. coli, Staph, Listeria, Salmonella, H1N1 as well as Human Coronavirus. Designed with safety in mind to ensure that the user is protected, use this product to help keep your space safe from germs!


2. Intelect RPW 2

Incorporating high resolution touch screen technology, the Intelect RPW 2 was created with ease of use for the clinician in mind. Featuring the new Falcon Handpiece and treatment transmitters, the modality is equipped with a broader range of bar pressures to help assist in patient comfort during treatment. The clinical protocols library also provides a visual anatomical and pathological library as well as treatment guidelines to aid the clinician in providing effective treatments for a large range of pathologies.

3. 3PP Prima Thumb Brace

Introducing 3PP Prima Thumb Brace, a CMC and MCP support loaded with a ton of features from memory stretch material to non-slip strapping. This splint is ideal for a variety of conditions, including CMC and MCP thumb arthritis, ligament injuries or overuse injuries. The infinitely adjustable wrap-around straps attach anywhere on the loop material. Available in a variety of sizes, shop 3PP Prima Thumb Brace!

Top 3 Product Categories

1. Resistance Bands, Tubes & Accessories

Performance Health proudly features the world’s most trusted clinical supplies brands. Resistance bands and tubing are essential for your in-clinic and at-home health and wellness routine. Available in both latex and latex-free options, these bands provide both positive and negative force on muscles and joints to help stretch, tone and condition all major muscle groups. Browse the category now!

2. Hot & Cold Therapy Packs

Performance Health features high-quality modalities that can help reduce pain, decrease swelling, and improve mobility. Hot and cold therapy packs are designed to help soothe pain related to rheumatoid arthritis or injuries. Cold therapy products, such as Sammons Preston Cold Pacs, aid with reducing inflammation and swelling as well as numbing soreness. Heat therapy products, such as Sammons Preston Digital Moist Heating Pad, assist with relaxing tightened muscles and improving circulation.

3. Clinic Equipment

Performance Health provides a large selection of professional-grade cardio equipment that help speed up patient recovery. From peddle exercisers and recumbent bikes to treadmills, find a product that can help improve your heart health! Many of these products have features including heart rate monitor, adjustable speed and resistance levels, pre-programmed workout programs, and more.


Top 3 Articles

Learn what's new, relevant and impactful with articles ranging from treatment tips, fitness and health, and daily aids for seniors. We’ve posted a lot of helpful content this past year but here are our top 3 articles!

1. 6 Post-Operative Abdominal Rehabilitation Exercises

Recovery from abdominal surgery requires you to slowly rebuild your stomach muscles. These muscles might have been cut to access the abdominal cavity during a hysterectomy, a cesarean section, or an open hernia repair. Fortunately, this article provides you with helpful tips and 6 exercises that you can do at home to help heal abdominal muscles after surgery.

2. How to Treat Quad and Hamstring Strains

That pinching, tight feeling in the front or rear of your thigh happens to be one of the most reported injuries athletes' experience across all sports - quad or hamstring strains. There are three grades of strains and knowing which one you have can help you determine your treatment options. Learn more about quad and hamstring sprains and how you can help prevent them from occurring!

3. The 5 Best Tennis Elbow Braces

The elbow pain that many athletes, especially tennis players, experience is most commonly associated with lateral epicondylitis. This is caused by overloading the tendons that wrap around the outside of the elbow, often with repetitive motions of the arm or wrist. While there are plenty of exercises to help treat tennis elbow, braces can also help provide fast, temporary relief.

Top 3 US Web Enhancements

Making it easier to search for the products you need, we’ve been working hard to develop new web enhancements for an easier online experience!

1. Live Chat Support

When you have a question, get live, real-time help from one of our support agents with Live Chat! To start a chat, click on the green “Questions? CHAT NOW” tab on the bottom right of any page.

2. Shop Similar Products

Despite our best efforts, some of our items are temporarily out of stock. This helpful tool displays in stock item substitutions, offering comparable alternatives to a backordered product that you can add to your cart. To learn more about this product substitution tool, check out this article!

3. Enhanced Order Tracking

Need to quickly track an online order? You can now track your orders from any source (even when shipping to multiple locations). Visit the Track Web Order page with your order number and email to easily view the order status – no account login required. You can also find the status and tracking information in My Orders, regardless of how the order was placed. For more directions, visit

Top 3 Visited Support Pages

Providing instant answers when you need it, the Support Center is an online library of information that includes product manuals, how-to guides, videos, and articles. Best of all, it’s available 24/7/365!

Here are some of the top visited support pages in 2021!

1. General Questions about Returns:

2. How do I get a quote on a product or service?

3. General Questions about Orders:

For more FAQ’s on order tracking, returns, account management and more, visit


As your trusted partner, we’ve accomplished a lot in 2021. We announced the official launch of our NEW digital catalog, developed a NEW Live Chat web feature, and provided you with NEW products, NEW articles on trending and relevant topics, as well as NEW webinars on our social media. Follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn to learn more about what Performance Health is doing to help enhance patient outcomes!

Thank you for your support in 2021! Our customers depend on us to make their job easier, so they focus on what matters most. We look forward to developing even more improvements in 2022!

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