Performance Health’s Direct to Veterans™ Program

Performance Health’s Direct to Veterans™ Program

Performance Health’s Direct to Veterans™ Program

Performance Health’s Direct to Veterans™ Program was created to ease the life of VA employees and Veterans by offering a wide range of products that enable personal independence, including daily living tools that promote self-sufficiency, and mobility aids. Continue reading to discover new top products, VA favorites, and Performance Health brands to support Veterans.

Key Takeaways

  • Curated Performance Health program to support Veterans.

  • Performance Health’s Direct to Veterans™ Program offers various benefits to VAs and Veterans.

  • Cubii Move and Spinefitter are two new products available for Veterans.

  • Top brands for Veterans available now from Performance Health.

  • Shipping products directly to the Veterans door for ease and convenience.

Benefits of Direct to Veterans™

Direct to Veterans™ is a Performance Health Program crafted to fit the needs of the Veteran, offering a comprehensive product selection of over 20,000 products. Easily order top brands clinicians love like THERABAND, Sammons Preston, Rolyan, and more, through the online self-service tools. Check invoices and track orders by line item all online. Each order is conveniently delivered to the Veteran’s front door, removing the need for them to figure out how to cart it home.

The program also offers trusted sales representatives available to provide personal support in every state and Puerto Rico. For business support, there is a dedicated VA customer experience team that works with your business to offer superior customer service and aid in frictionless ordering.

Top New Products for Veterans

We are proud to offer new and innovative products for our Veterans, here are some of our latest additions available Direct to Veterans.

Cubii Move

  • Portable elliptical motion device for low impact exercising.


  • Multi-purpose rehabilitation tool to relieve tension in the spine.


  • Smart dynamometer and hand grip trainer with Squegg Pro software.


  • Self-activating tri-sectional heat pack.


VA Favorites

Check out products that are popular with other VAs, it might work for you too. No need to worry about stocking bulky inventory, the Direct to Veterans™ Program ships directly to the Veteran’s door!

Saunders Cervical Traction Hometrac Deluxe

  • At-home traction device stretches the spine to relieve pressure.

Saunders Lumbar Home Traction Device

  • Non-surgical spinal decompression device to relieve cervical compression and offer back pain relief.

Medcline LP Shoulder Relief System

  • Shoulder recovery sleeping aid two-in-one therapeutic body pillow and shoulder relief wedge.

Homecraft Shower Chair

  • Lightweight and stable shower chair for safety.

Days Bariatric Offset Cane

  • High-quality aluminum cane with non-rubber ferrules.

M-Rail Bedside Assist

  • Multiple grip bedside handrail for added stability.


Top Brands for Veterans

Explore brands Veterans love. From tools for activities of daily living to mobility aids and exercise therapy, we have a wide array of brands and products to fit any need.



Assisting with Activities of Daily Living

Aids to Daily Living | Kitchen & Dining | Bathing | Toileting

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Mobility Freedom Outside the Home

Walkers | Rollators | Crutches | Canes

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Industry Leader in Recovery and Rehabilitation

Orthopedics | Exercise Therapy | Fall Prevention & Positioning

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More at Performance Health

THERABAND | Rolyan | Cramer | PHS Medical

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Performance Health is here to support all VAs and each individual Veteran's needs. Talk to your dedicated sales rep to learn more about our Direct to Veterans™ Program and how Performance Health can support your mission. For additional customer assistance, you may reach our VA Solutions Team at (800) 323-5547, Option 3 or email us at


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