The 6 Hand Evaluation Tools Your Clinic Needs

The 6 Hand Evaluation Tools Your Clinic Needs

The 6 Hand Evaluation Tools Your Clinic Needs

Whether you’re a CHT, OT, PT, or M.D., you know how important grip strength and hand dexterity are for your patients. As you work to improve their skills, track your patient’s progress along the way with these accurate, reliable Jamar evaluation tools.

#1 Jamar Smart Digital Hand Dynamometer

The 7 Hand Evaluation Tools Your Clinic Needs

Accurately measure your patient’s grip strength using a digital hand dynamometer. The Jamar Smart Hand Dynamometer can even be used with an app to graph and record results from single and rapid exchange grip tests. Plus, the Grip Strength Norms Calculator lets you find your patient's percentile compared to the average grip strength for their demographic.

Not ready to go digital? Use the Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer you know and trust to measure your patient’s hand grip strength and track their progress throughout therapy.

#2 Jamar Pinch Gauges

Jamar Pinch Gauges

Looking to measure pinch grip? You’ll need a pinch gauge for measuring key, isometric tip, and palmar pinch strength in pounds and kilograms.

#3 EZ Read Jamar Goniometer

EZ Read Jamar Goniometer

Another important evaluation measurement is the degrees of flexion and hyperextension in the finger joints. Use this easy-to-read goniometer with your patients! Or check out the Jamar Plus+ Goniometer if you want to go digital.

#4 Jamar 9-Hole Peg Test Kit

Jamar 9 Hole Peg Test Kit

Check your patient’s dexterity using this peg kit. The pegs can be placed in the holes and then removed and dropped in the bowl as part of the timed test. This kit includes everything you need to run the test, including a stopwatch.

#5 Jamar Tweezers Dexterity Test

Jamar Tweezers Dexterity Test

This test requires precision and steadiness when using tweezers to place small pins into the holes in the board. Use this to test your patients on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

#6 Jamar Hand Function Test

Jamar Hand Function Test

This seven-part test uses everyday objects, from paper clips to aluminum cans, to test your patient's abilities on performing daily tasks. This allows you to evaluate your patient’s hand capabilities based on practicality.

Get the evaluation tools you need from Jamar, the brand you trust!

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