The Best Transfer Aids for Seniors & People with Disabilities

The Best Transfer Aids for Seniors & People with Disabilities

The Best Transfer Aids for Seniors & People with Disabilities

These transfer aids will help you get from point A to point B, whether that's from your wheelchair into bed or from a standing position into the car. The wide variety of options make independent and caregiver-assisted transfers less challenging for mobile and less mobile users. Explore our top picks to find the right mobility aid that will make your transfers easy.

The 19 Best Transfer Aids and How to Use Them

Best Transfer Aids for the Car
Best Transfer Aids for Beds
Best Transfer Aids for Wheelchairs and Chairs
Best Transfer Aids for the Bathroom
Best Transfer Aids for Extra Assistance

Best Transfer Aids for the Car

1. Sammons Preston Soft Transfer Swivel


Soft Transfer Swivel

This swivel seat makes it easier to get into your car. Instead of entering at an angle, you can sit on the car’s seat with your legs facing out. Then simply turn with ease using this swivel to swing your legs into the car.

2. Metro Car Handle


metro car handle

Are you struggling to get out of your car’s low seats? This handle offers you a supportive place to grasp while standing up. Plus, it’s portable so you can use it in other vehicles whether you’re the driver or the passenger.

3. Sammons Preston Transfer Board with Slots


Sammons Preston Transfer Board with Slots

Transfer boards make it easier to move from your wheelchair into the car. Lock your wheelchair in place beside the car. Rest one end of the board on your wheelchair and the other on the car’s seat. Slide along the board to transfer into the car. You can use the hand slots on at each end to assist you in sliding along the board.

Best Transfer Aids for Beds

4. Sammons Preston Rigid Leg Lifter


Sammons Preston Rigid Leg Lifter

A leg lifter is a great tool if you just need a little assistance getting into bed. Sit on the edge of the bed. Hold the hand loop and slip the foot loop around your foot that will end up closest to the other side of the bed. Use your arm strength to raise your foot and maneuver your leg onto the bed. Repeat with your other leg.

WONDERFUL TOOL! “Anyone with mobility or leg problems will appreciate this. I have multiple sclerosis & get 1/2 on the bed; getting my right leg up or getting it onto the bed wedge is a chore; it just doesn't want to move. With this easy to use leg lifter I save myself the aggravation & frustration of trying to get my leg where it just doesn't want to go.” -Peg, Amazon Customer

5. SafetySure Transfer Slide


SafetySure Transfer Slide

Once in bed, a transfer slide sheet can help with repositioning. Place the sheet on the bed prior to getting in. A caregiver can easily pull the low friction sheet to help you sit up or change positions.

6. Sammons Preston Bed Pull


Sammons Preston Bed Pull

If you prefer to reposition yourself, use this device that loops around your mattress. You can pull it to position on your own when getting in and out of bed and independently reposition yourself throughout the night.

7. Days Bed Assist Handle


Days Bed Assist Handle

If you need minimal help getting out of bed, this might be the aid for you. The device securely attaches around your bed. Then, when seated on the edge of the bed, you can use the handle for support as you move to a standing position.

8. Homecraft Curved Transfer Board


Homecraft Curved Transfer Board

This board makes it easy to transfer from your wheelchair to your bed and vice versa. Rest one end of the board on your chair and the other on the bed. Then slide along the board to transfer. The curved shape follows the sweeping motion of an assisted transfer to help prevent slips and falls.

Best Transfer Aids for Wheelchairs and Chairs

9. Sammons Preston Gait Belt


Sammons Preston Gait Belt

Gait belts help caregivers support users during transfers. The belt should be snug (two fingers should fit between you and the belt) and secure. Once you are sitting up, the caregiver should stand facing you with a wide stance and knees bent. You can hold onto their shoulders as they grasp the belt on either side. Countdown and then attempt to stand as the caregiver lifts to assist you. The belt can also be used to help you walk. The caregiver should stand behind and to the side of you holding the back of the gait belt using an underhand grip. They can provide support following behind you at your pace while walking.

Good quality gait belt, just like they use in Rehab. “This belt is very good quality material, it has been a life saver for my husband. Used after he came home from rehab. Helps him feel more secure while walking.” -Mary D., Amazon Customer

10. Sammons Preston Bariatric Transfer Board


Sammons Preston Bariatric Transfer Board

This board features perpendicular hand holes to make transfers safe and easy. The board is bariatric rated for heavy and overweight patients and designed to make moving them to and from wheelchairs and beds with ease.

11. Sammons Preston Transfer Disc


Sammons Preston Transfer Disc

This disc is best for wheelchair users who can stand but have difficulty turning. Users can stand on the disc and then be pivoted with assistance before sitting down again. It can be used for transfers from your wheelchair to a chair or bed.

So easy to use and transfer “My wife is 73 years old and weighs about 170 pounds. She has been confined to a wheelchair for the past 5 years and unable to walk at all for the past 2 years. Getting my wife in and out of her wheelchair and in and out of our car has been extremely difficult, until now. The Sammons Preston Transfer and Pivot Disc works exactly as advertised and has made both hers and my life much, much easier. Not to mention the fact that my back pain has virtually been eliminated. Thank you Sammons Preston.” -Gary L. Mayhew, Amazon Customer

12. Days Orbi-Turn


Days Orbi-Turn

If you need more assistance while turning, this aid can help. While sitting, you should place your feet on the device’s base. Grasp the handle and stand up using the Orbi-Turn for standing support. A caregiver can then turn the device using the handle for seat-to-seat transfers.

13. Sammons Preston One-Way Glide


Love Lift

This glide is designed for individuals who require additional support and safety when sitting in a wheelchair or regular chair. This aid makes it difficult for users to slump or scoot out of their seat and makes it easier to slide the user back into the chair or wheelchair.

Best Transfer Aids for the Bathroom

14. Homecraft Chrome-Plated Steel Grab Bars

Homecraft Chrome-Plated Steel Grab Bars

Grab bars are a great addition to any bathroom. They can provide support while you get in or out of the bath or sit or stand from the toilet. They are the perfect tool when you need a little help.

15. Homecraft Height Adjustable Tub Grab Bar

Homecraft Height Adjustable Tub Grab Bar

Do you need help getting in and out of your bathtub? The high sides of the tub can be difficult to step over. This handle provides support as you step in and out of the bath.

Exceeded expectations, very easy to “Exceeded expectations, very easy to install, very stable to use, perfect for a temporary (or even permanent solution).” -Performance Health Customer

16. Homecraft Bathtub Transfer Bench


Homecraft Bathtub Transfer Bench

This transfer bench’s design makes it simpler to move from your wheelchair to your bath bench. You can transfer to the portion of the bench that rests outside of the tub independently or by using a transfer board. Then slide along the seat, lifting your legs over the side of the tub. This aid helps prevent falls caused by stepping over the tub’s side.

17. Homecraft Adjustable Toilet Surround


Homecraft Adjustable Toilet Surround

If you need extra support when sitting and standing from the toilet, this surround can help. The supportive armrests offer assistance as you sit or stand.

18. HI-D Transfer Board


HI-D Transfer Board

This board is the perfect choice for wheelchair-to-toilet and toilet-to-wheelchair transfers. It’s made of polyethylene plastic that is easy to clean and sanitize. The striated surface makes the board an ideal choice for bare skin transfers.

Best Transfer Aids for Extra Assistance

19. Hoyer Journey Sit to Stand Lift


Hoyer Journey Sit to Stand Lift

The Hoyer Journey lift provides a high level of support as it moves users from a sitting to a standing position when used with the standing sling. The lift can also be used with a transport sling to move the user from a seated position to another location. After the user is securely in the sling and the sling is attached to the lift, a simple remote allows a caregiver to raise and lower the lift. Plus, it quickly folds for easy storage and transport.

20. Hoyer Advance


Hoyer Advance

The Hoyer Advance is the ideal lift for patients who need 90-100% assistance. It can lift users from the floor and transfer them to high surfaces. The lift can accommodate nearly any transfer from floor to bed to wheelchair and more. Plus it’s compact, foldable size makes it an ideal choice for home use because it’s easy to store or transport.

Transfer Tips for Caregivers

Lifting Basics

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart when lifting
  • Bend your knees and use your leg muscles for lifting. Don’t bend at the waist
  • Keep the person you are lifting close to your body
  • Don’t twist your body when lifting
  • If the person you are lifting is in an awkward position, too heavy, or uncooperative, get help
  • Avoid manual lifting when possible, instead rely on lifting aids to do the heavy work and keep you and the person you are lifting safe

Pain Relief

Lifting can be painful. Using transfer aids reduces some of the stress on your body. A Sammons Preston Mesh Back Support can also offer support while lifting. If you’re already in pain, Sissel Hot-Cold Pearl Sports Pack and rest can help reduce your pain. Biofreeze is another great option for fast pain relief.

Looking for more transfer aids?

Whether you’re transferring independently or with the assistance of a caregiver we have the solution. Check out all our options!

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