A Fun Fitness Bingo Game: Workout Rules & Cards

A Fun Fitness Bingo Game: Workout Rules & Cards

A Fun Fitness Bingo Game: Workout Rules & Cards

Tired of your current workout? Looking for new at-home fitness ideas? How about a game of Bingo?

Jump start healthier habits and get some exercise by playing fitness Bingo! Try one of these two Bingo versions.

Version 1: 1 Week Fitness and Health Bingo

For this version you will need:

This game will be played over the course of a week or two. Print enough copies of this Bingo card for your whole family. Complete activities on the various squares and check them off to get a Bingo, one line in any direction (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal).

Get active with the “Take a 30 minute walk or bike ride” square. Build healthy habits with the “No soda all day” square. And enjoy so many other healthy activities and exercises using this Bingo card.

Get your kids to participate in the Bingo game and reward them with a fun activity, like a movie night, after they get a Bingo! Help your children pick different activities to do. Siblings can do activities together or choose their own favorites.

Set a time limit, like one or two weeks, to play and attempt to get your Bingo. For an added challenge, play “blackout Bingo” where you must cover the whole card to win.

Print your Bingo card now!

fitness bingo






Do 30 jumping jacks

20 CLX bicep curls

Drink 5 bottles of water in one day

Eat a healthy snack

Hold a plank for 1 minute

Eat a total of 5 fruits and vegetables in one day

No sweets all day

Give someone a compliment

20 minute dance party

20 CLX tricep extensions

Call or video chat a friend or family member

25 squats or CLX squats


Get 10,000 steps in one day

10 minutes of journaling or meditation

No soda all day

Build a workout playlist and share it with a friend

3 minutes of CLX monster walks

Complete a 7 minute CLX workout

Take a 30 minute walk or bike ride

Do 10 minutes of yoga

Complete a 20 minute CLX workout

Get 8 hours of sleep

10 minutes of stretching

2 minutes of CLX lunges

Version 2: 1 Workout Exercise Bingo

This Bingo game focuses on physical activity. You can play it at home with your spouse or your kids. It’s a great way for kids to have fun in a PE class too.The Bingo game will be completed during one workout.

For this version you will need:

How to play:

  1. Print off two copies of the master card and as many blank copies as there are players.
  2. Cut up one version of the master card and shuffle up the squares to form a deck.
  3. Pass out blank cards to all of the other players.
  4. Read the activities off the master card and have players fill out their own cards, writing one exercise in whatever square they choose.
  5. Choose a number of repetition for all of the exercises. We recommend starting with 5-10 reps and increasing as needed.
  6. Flip over the first card in the deck and call it out.
  7. Have each player complete the exercise for the chosen card and cross it off on their Bingo card (For example, if the card is ‘bicep curls’, everyone does 10 bicep curls and crosses it off wherever they wrote it down on their card).
  8. Continue to flip over cards and call them out.
  9. First one to get a Bingo (one line in any direction) wins!

If you’re playing at home, you can compete for bragging rights, picking dinner, picking the movie for the night, or other fun rewards.

Print your Bingo cards now!

bingo combined 1bingo combined 2

You can review all of the exercises using these YouTube videos linked below, so you’re ready to help your kids learn new exercises or demonstrate proper form to your gym students.

TheraBand CLX Bingo Exercises






Bicep Curls

Pressing Fast Feet

Forward Lunges

Front Raises

Lateral Lunges

Reverse Flys

Side Oblique Crunches

Upright X-Rows



Tricep Extensions

Monster Walks


Balanced Running Mans

Good Mornings

Bird Dogs

Chest Flys

Oblique Planks

Calf Raises

Lateral Raises


Lateral Straight Leg Raises


Body Jumps

Russian Squats

Grab your resistance band and start playing Bingo now!

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