More Advanced Tech Shaping VA Care

More Advanced Tech Shaping VA Care

More Advanced Tech Shaping VA Care

The healthcare field is constantly evolving. While some products, like therapy putty and walkers, remain mainstays in occupational and physical therapy toolkits, new updates and additions are enhancing patient care. Check out these products designed to make both yours and your Veterans’ lives better!

5 Advanced Tech Products Improving VA Care

  1. Jamar Smart Digital Hand Dynamometer
  2. Jamar Smart Digital Hand Dynamometer

    The Jamar Smart is a “smarter” version of a hydraulic hand dynamometer. It uses electronic load cells instead of oil to measure your patient’s hand grip strength. This tool makes it easy to measure patient progress as your Vet focuses on strengthening their grip during rehabilitation.

    Update your hand dynamometer with this digital version. You can use this one device for six different hand strength grip tests. Pair it with the Jamar Smart App for easy graphing, saving, and tracking of grip strength results. It’s an excellent addition to your toolbox for use with patients after a stroke, surgery, or other grip-impairing condition.

  3. Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor - Wireless Bluetooth
  4. Omron 7 Series Blood Pressure Monitor

    Newer technology makes home blood pressure monitoring easier than ever for Veterans. This slim device can be worn on your wrist throughout your day and features UltraSilent Inflation to take measurements quietly and discreetly. The device averages up to three readings taken within ten minutes, detects irregular heartbeats, and has a Hypertension Indicator which alerts you to systolic measurements above 130mmHg and diastolic measurements above 80mmHg.

    The Omron 7 Series monitor is easy to use with the free OMRON Connect app. The app stores unlimited readings. It also keeps a comprehensive record of your reading over time with graphs and charts, making it easy to share the information with family, caregivers, and healthcare professionals as needed.

  5. VitalStim Plus
  6. VitalStim Plus

    Practicing functional swallowing? This device helps you guide patients through targeted swallowing exercises. The screen displays progress during the exercises and shows objective data for tracking improvements from session to session. Use the VitalStim Plus for VMS, sEMG, and sEMG + triggered stim treatments.

    Help your Veterans eat and drink independently through swallowing exercises with the VitalStim Plus, ideal for helping to address dysphagia.

  7. Bathmaster Sonaris 2 Bath Lift
  8. Bathmaster Sonaris 2 Bath Lift

    Bath lifts allow Veterans to continue enjoying baths while providing a safe entry and exit from the bathtub. They’re an excellent solution for people who would like a walk-in bathtub but cannot renovate their bathroom due to cost or bathroom configuration. Bath lifts are ideal for people with disabilities, the elderly, and those recovering from injury or surgery. They also make baths easier for caregivers.

    Taking a bath is easy with the Sonaris 2 Bath Lift. With quick charging, a reclining backrest, and a lightweight frame, the well-designed lift is a great choice for affordable, independent bathing. Simply press one button to lower the bath lift and another button to raise it. Plus, the remote floats!

  9. MedCenter Talking One-Month Medication Organizer
  10. MedCenter Talking One-Month Medication Organizer

    Do you have Veterans who struggle to remember to take their daily medication? The MedCenter Medication Organizer can help. It beeps or speaks to remind users to take their pills.

    With 31 boxes, you can fill a month’s worth of medication at one time. Each of the numbered boxes has 4 compartments for morning, noon, evening, and night and can be set up with four scheduled alarms per day. It’s the perfect companion for Vets who need help remembering to take vitamins and medications.

As technology advances, make sure your Veterans have access to the best products available!

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