25 Fitness Gift Ideas for Athletic Teen Boys

25 Fitness Gift Ideas for Athletic Teen Boys

25 Fitness Gift Ideas for Athletic Teen Boys

Buying for teens is hard. Your son already has a phone, more video games than anyone needs, and plenty of clothes. If the best response you can get is “I don’t know”, you might not know what to get him.

We have some suggestions to help! If your teen wants to stay in shape for his sport, increase his muscle mass, or just stay healthy, these are the perfect gifts. We’ve even organized them by price so you can find something to fit your budget.

Check out some of our top picks!

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1. THERABAND CLX Resistance Band

theraband clx bands

If your teen enjoys working out at home, but you lack the space for dumbbells or barbells, the THERABAND CLX Resistance Band is the perfect gift. Available in seven resistance levels, you’re sure to find the right option whether your son is just starting to work out or exercises regularly. Share these CLX exercises so he can get started!

2. THERABAND Pro Foam Roller

theraband foam roller

Tight, sore muscles are no match for the THERABAND Pro Foam Roller. The mini 6” x 12” roller is big enough to roll out sore hamstrings, quadriceps, and other muscles. And it’s small enough for your son to store in his room or in your home workout area. If your son would prefer a larger roller, we also have a 36” long option.

3. THERABAND Foot Roller

theraband foot roller

If your son is on the track or cross-country team, he’ll appreciate our next pick, the THERABAND Foot Roller. While a foam roller massages your muscles, this roller is designed for feet, making it a great gift for runners. It can even be cooled to provide more pain relief to aching feet.

4. Biofreeze Classic

biofreeze classic

Looking for another option for pain relief? Try Biofreeze Classic. It’s clinically proven to relieve back pain, and pain from strains, sprains, bruises and more. The topical analgesic comes in a gel, spray, or roll-on, all which provide cooling pain relief. Plus, in one study people preferred Biofreeze to ice 2:1.

5. THERABAND Mini Ball

theraband mini ball

If you’re looking for another gift idea, consider the THERABAND Mini Ball. The small, inflatable ball is perfect for exercises that target your core, knees, hips, and back. The 9” ball includes a list of exercises so your teen can get started right away.

6. THERABAND Hand Xtrainer

theraband hand trainer

The THERABAND Hand Xtrainer is the ideal tool for anyone looking to strengthen their grip. Rock climbers, tennis players, golfers, batters, and even teens who just want a stronger handshake can all benefit from this tool. It can be heated or cooled for hot and cold therapy during use.

7. Agility Cones

agility cones

These durable, bright orange cones are great for any agility drills or other training needs. They’re a perfect gift for soccer players, football players, basketball players and other athletes who want to improve their agility!

Under $25


theraband flexbar

The THERABAND FlexBar is a great tool for strengthening the forearms. It is also clinically proven to increase tendon strength and decrease pain in people with tennis elbow (pain on the outer elbow) or golfer’s elbow (pain on the inner elbow) by using the Tyler Twist and Reverse Tyler Twist. You can find more FlexBar exercises on the Performance Health Academy website.

9. M-Brace Air Wrist Wrap

m brace air wrist wrap

This wrist wrap helps prevent injuries when lifting by providing wrist support. The M-Brace Wrap is comfortable to wear and easy to strap on. In addition to injury prevention, it can also be used for support after minor injuries.

10. THERABAND Kinesiology Tape

theraband kinesio tape

Kinesiology tape is popular among Olympic athletes and other competitors for muscle support and pain relief. THERABAND Kinesiology Tape is available in a variety of colors, so you can pick a neutral beige or black or a fun color that matches their school sports team. Plus, the Xact Stretch indicators make it easy to apply with the perfect amount of stretch.

11. THERABAND Stretch Strap

theraband stretch strap

Stretching is crucial to warm-up the muscles before exercise. Research suggests that dynamic stretching is more effective than static stretching. Designed with loops for dynamic stretching, the THERABAND Stretch Strap enables stretches that are typically only possible with a partner.

12. THERABAND Soft Weights

theraband soft weights

THERABAND Soft Weights can be used for plyometrics, strengthening, and balance training. The weighted ball is great for a variety of exercises including baseball injury prevention exercises. The weights come in six options ranging from 1.1 lbs. to 6.6 lbs.

13. THERABAND Ankle and Wrist Weight Sets

theraband ankle and wrist weight sets

These wrist and ankle weights are a great workout addition for runners. The weights feature reflective trim for added safety when used outdoors in the evening. They can also be worn during traditional upper and lower body strength training exercises.

14. TheraPearl Color-Changing Hot & Cold Packs

therapearl color changing wraps

TheraPearl Packs are great for hot and cold therapy. The reusable packs can help relieve pain from sports and fitness injuries. No one likes to see their child get hurt, but injuries happen. Be ready to soothe your son’s pain with a TheraPearl shoulder pack, back wrap, ankle wrap, knee pack, or... whatever he needs. Most packs even have straps, so your son can move around during use.

Under $35

15. THERABAND High Resistance Band

theraband high resistance bands

Does your teen need more of a challenge during their workout? THERABAND High Resistance Bands provide 15-50 pounds of resistance without the need for expensive, bulky exercise equipment. They can be used for assisted pull ups, power lifting, and full-body workouts! Check out these exercises to get started.

16. THERABAND Pro Series SCP Exercise Balls

theraband exercise ball

Exercise balls can be used for many different exercises including core strengthening, balance, yoga, and Pilates. It’s a great tool for crunches, push-ups, planks, and other exercises that work your arms, legs, and abs.

17. THERABAND Roller Massager+

theraband massage roller +

A foam roller is great for massaging sore muscles, but it isn’t the easiest thing for students to carry from home to practice to games and back again. The smaller THERABAND Roller Massager+ can help increase flexibility and encourage myofascial release to reduce pain and soreness. The portable version makes it even easier for runners, cyclists, and others who are always on-the-go to relieve their pain.

Under $100

18. Hypersphere Mini

aerobic fitness

The Hypersphere Mini is a compact massage ball that makes a perfect holiday gift. It’s a great tool for relieving pain in the feet, calves, hamstrings, quads, back, shoulders, and more thanks to its high-intensity vibration. Three speed settings allow for a custom massage. The high-tech vibration therapy can increase blood circulation, improve muscular strength, boost your metabolism, and reduce pain.

19. CanDo Kettle Bells

cando kettle balls

If your son is into weight lifting, consider investing in a kettle bell or two for strength training. The CanDo Kettle Bells have a vinyl coating to help protect your floors from scratches. With seven different weights ranging from 5-30 pounds, you’re sure to find a kettle bell that’s perfect for your teen’s workout needs.

20. THERABAND Stability Trainers

THERABAND stability trainers

While many young athletes focus on cardiovascular and strength training exercises, balance is a crucial part of preventing injuries and improving performance. One study found that THERABAND Stability Trainers reduced ankle injuries in football players by 77%. Another study found that improving balance reduced ankle injuries in basketball players.

Stability trainers are an excellent tool for any athletes and a great way to improve your teen’s balance and help keep him safe by reducing his risk of ankle injury.

Over $100


theraband vector

Kick the resistance up another notch with the THERABAND VECTOR! The elastic resistance tubes offer 10-100 pounds of resistance that can be adjusted with a twist of the cap. This strength training device can be used for sport-specific exercises and general single and multi-vector exercises. See the VECTOR in action below!

22. Cubii Go

cubii go

It can be difficult for many students to balance schoolwork, sports, clubs, work, and exercise. The Cubii Go pedal elliptical makes it easy for your son to fit exercise into his life. He can pedal away while working on homework, eating dinner, playing Fortnite, or watching TV. It’s a great addition that allows your teen to stay active even on busy days, rainy days, or days when he would rather be gaming.

23. THERABAND Rocker and Wobble Boards

theraband wobble rocker boards

THERABAND Rocker and Wobble Boards are designed for balance training. The rocker board can be used for side-to-side or forward-and-backward movement while the wobble board can be used for 360° balance training. It can also be used for sport-specific exercises, like golf, tennis, and baseball to help players improve their balance.

24. Hypervolt Go 2

aerobic fitness

The Hypervolt Go 2 offers a targeted massage using one of five included attachment heads. It’s perfect for warming up muscles before the big game, the next run, or a daily workout. It can also be used to help relieve sore, stiff muscles. Choose the Hypervolt for your teen’s gift!

25. BlazePod


The BlazePod brings fun to your young athlete's training while improving his agility, balance, and coordination. The interactive training system uses flashing lights of different colors, speeds, sequences, and frequencies to challenge the mind and body. It trains the mind to react smarter and the body to move faster and perform better. The wireless and splashproof training system is perfect for holiday training at home or on the go!

Shopping for teens doesn’t have to be hard. One of these fitness gifts is sure to make your teen’s holiday merry and bright. But if you still want to browse, check out a few more ideas below!


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power chute

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gatorade green

Gatorade Shaker Bottle

gatorade green

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gatorade recover bars

Step Hurdles

step hurdles

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