What Clinic Supplies You Need for Your New PT Facility

What Clinic Supplies You Need for Your New PT Facility

What Clinic Supplies You Need for Your New PT Facility

There’s a lot that goes into opening a new physical therapy clinic, especially when it comes to deciding what supplies you need to have on hand. Because physical therapy is such a multifaceted practice, you need a lot of different clinic supplies to make sure you’re able to treat each injury and ailment. In this article, we’re going to give you the rundown of the necessary supplies you need when opening a new PT clinic. Get your free clinic supplies checklist at the end!

Key Takeaways

  • Having the right clinical supplies is essential to ensure effective patient care.

  • Performance Health is your one-stop-shop for all the clinical supplies you need for your facility.

  • Remember to consider your patient load and facility size when considering the volume of your purchases.

Top Products in This Article

Treatment Room Supplies

Treatment rooms mean treatment tables, and it’s important to keep these tables equipped with items that are both comfortable for the patient and easily sanitized or changed between treatments. We recommend having at least three pillows per treatment room, with corresponding pillowcases and flat sheets that are machine washable. Treatment table exam paper that you can switch out between patients is also a must – we recommend the paper from Dynarex, which is available in either a smooth or crepe finish.

Bolster pillows are also important for patient positioning. We recommend having a minimum of one cylindrical and one wedge bolster pillow per treatment room.

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Hot & Cold Modalities

Heat and cold therapy are staples for physical therapy, which means it’s important to be equipped with a quality hydrocollator and related accessories. We recommend the Richmar HydraTherm: not only is it rust, mold, bacteria, and mildew-proof, but it also comes with 12 hot packs included (three oversize, three universal, three neck contour/cervical, and three standard size).

If you already have a hydrocollator, you’ll still need a couple items to get started with heat and cold therapy. Heat and cold packs are essentials – we recommend having standard, oversize, and cervical packs as a minimum. Your facility’s size and how many patients you see in a day will determine how many of each size and shape you will need. We also recommend having a few hot pack covers on hand to reduce the risk of burns.

There are a few other things you’ll also need to get started with heat/cold therapy:

  • A set of tongs to help you safely manage the packs.

  • A dial thermometer to ensure the water is at the correct temperature – especially if your hydrocollator does not show the water temperature.

  • A hot pack storage rack for easy storage.

Lastly, if your heat therapy involves the use of ultrasound, make sure you have quality electrodes and ultrasound gel on hand to make treatment as comfortable for the patient as possible.

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Strength & Cardio Supplies

Re-building strength, endurance, balance, and more are integral parts of physical therapy, so it is important to have your facility equipped with the right tools to get your patients on the right track. To fully meet the needs of each patient, there are several items to have stocked in your physical therapy facility.

Elastic Resistance Products

Elastic resistance products are essential to have for rehab in your facility. Resistance bands exert both positive and negative force on the muscles, giving them the unique ability to stretch, tone, and condition all major muscle groups. We recommend THERABAND® for your resistance bands, specifically the non-latex bands and the CLX™ bands with loops. THERABAND resistance products are some of the best on the market, with the non-latex bands lasting five times longer than a leading competitor.* Plus, they have resistances ranges from extra light (2.4lbs) to max (14.2lbs), with different colors at each resistance to easily track a patient’s progress.

Free Weights

Dumbbells and kettlebells are staple strength building products to have on hand – they add intensity to a rehab regimen and help your patients rebuild strength. We also recommend having cuff weights in your clinic, as they can add extra weight or help patients with limited or impaired grip to complete free weight exercises without needing to grasp anything.

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Range of Motion & Balance

For enhancing range of motion (ROM), essential tools include a stretch out strap and a shoulder pulley. The stretch out strap is a versatile stretching aid that allows patients to target various muscle groups and improve flexibility. The shoulder pulley enables controlled, gradual shoulder stretching exercises, aiding in the restoration of shoulder mobility and function. Remember to have a goniometer to measure progress!

For improving balance, your clinic should be equipped with products like rocker boards, stability discs, balance beams, incline boards, and a Biomechanical Ankle Platform System (BAPS) board. Rocker boards and stability discs challenge patients' balance and coordination, helping them regain stability after injuries or surgery. Balance beams and incline boards offer progressive challenges to patients working on their balance and strengthening lower body muscles. The BAPS board, with an adjustable pivot point, allows you to customize exercises for patients with ankle or lower limb issues. Additionally, exercise balls are versatile tools that can be incorporated into various balance and core-strengthening exercises.

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Cardio Supplies

Cardio is a way to improve your patients’ strength and endurance, not only for their larger muscles, but also for their heart. To help patients improve their cardiovascular fitness and endurance, we recommend having, at minimum, two agility products: agility cones and agility ladders. Agility cones are versatile markers that facilitate agility drills, aiding in the development of quick footwork, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness. These cones are particularly useful for patients looking to regain mobility and athleticism after orthopedic injuries. Similarly, agility ladders offer a structured platform for patients to perform a wide range of agility and speed-enhancing exercises. These cardio-focused products not only contribute to patients' cardiovascular health but also promote functional movements and overall physical well-being.

Additional Clinic Supplies

Vital Signs

Monitoring a patient’s vital signs is an important part of patient care. We recommend having a digital blood pressure cuff, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, and finger pulse oximeter on hand to accurately monitor your patients before, during, and after treatment.

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Personal Protective Equipment & Sanitization

We all know the importance of infection prevention, which is why your clinic should have quality personal protective equipment (PPE) and disinfectant on hand. We recommend having disinfectant spray, antibacterial wipes, hand towels, nitrile gloves, and face masks stocked at all times.

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Transfer Aids & Mobility

For patients with limited mobility, you’ll need certain items to help them move around your clinic safely. To ensure safe transfers from wheelchairs, we recommend having a transfer board and gait belt handy. For patients who are more mobile, canes and walkers will be a better choice. Consider stocking adjustable and quad canes, as well as standard and bariatric walkers in your clinic to accommodate different patients' needs.

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First Aid & Emergency Care

To round out the list of clinical items you need for your PT facility, you’ll need to be prepared for any emergency situations that may arise. It’s important to be prepared with a first aid kit and AED in case of injury or sudden cardiac arrest.


We know starting a new clinic can be overwhelming. There's an extensive laundry list of products you need to have stocked to make sure you’re delivering the best care to your patients. This comprehensive list has everything you need to get started, and to make it easy, you can find it all at Performance Health!

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*Based on independent third-party pull force testing THERABAND non-latex bands at 100% elongation froma leading ISO 17025 A2LA certified international laboratory dedicated to the rubber and plastic industries.

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